Our Mission

Washington HVACIA exists to educate our members and support legislatively the HVACR industry, ensuring consumer quality and contractor success.

Our Vision

Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly contractors performing exceptional work and providing quality service to consumers.



Washington State HVACIA

Washington State HVACIA is a not-for profit association representing contractors in the industry in Washington state, servicing more than 3,000,000 households.

We share one goal

To make the HVACR industry, and every professional contracting business, more successful. How do we do it? We bring you together with other contractors through unique learning opportunities. We provide exclusive technical, legal, and marketing resources. We bring customers to you. And we fight aggressively for your business interests in Olympia and Washington, DC.

The Devil Is In The Politics

Washington HVACIA is the only HVAC industry association to have a watchdog presence in Olympia. Through our lobbying efforts we have the opportunity of finding out about the things that go on in Olympia that burden our small businesses in enough time to be able to rise up and fight against them. There is always some entity trying to push an issue that could have a negative or devastating impact on our livelihood. Without this presence in Olympia we wouldn't know about these issues until it's too late.


In addition to the annual battles at the Legislature- where we have stopped overreaching regulation of the HVACR industry time and time again, we monitor the State Building Code Council, where we have stopped things like mandatory duct sealing and pushed practical solutions to energy efficiency solutions that actually work for our customers. Additionally, the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission, where we have been fully engaged in the fight against monopoly utilities trying to invade the robust free market of the HVAC industry.

So What's Next?

Your question shouldn't be whether or
not you should join.....
.......it should be how fast can I join?